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Our Culture

Doosan Corporation Mottrol, based on its positive corporate culture, is committed to creating a workplace that everyone wants and feels worthwhile to work for.

  • Hanmaeum Sports Festival

    Hanmaeum Sports Festival

    Doosan Corporation Mottrol holds sports festival to gather employees working at different locations in one place and strengthen their bond and solidarity.

  • Club activities

    Club Activities

    Various club activities such as marathon, soccer, dance and more are available to cultivate esprit de corps in all employees, which strengthens the sense of ownership and employee morale as well as helps create a healthy work environment.

  • Company-wide communication workshop

    Company-wide Communication Workshop

    Winning Doogather Workshop is held in order to improve communication between subordinates and superiors or between company divisions.

  • Outdoor workshop

    Outdoor Workshop

    Support for outdoor workshops is provided for employees to share their vision and communicate.

  • Overseas backpacking trip

    Overseas Backpacking Trip

    Overseas backpacking support program is provided to help cultivate global mindset in employees.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has emerged as a leading global components manufacturer by entering the Chinese market followed by markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging countries.



Continued investment in R&D and the efforts of our researchers are what make the technology of Doosan Corporation Mottrol lead in the world.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The quality management of Doosan Corporation Mottrol pursues customer satisfaction with best products and services, and takes safety and environmental preservation into consideration as a top priority.

Career Doosan

Career Doosan

Check the latest career opportunities and information about jobs at Doosan Corporation Mottrol at the ‘Career Doosan’ section.

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