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Careers FAQs

Doosan places a great importance on 'Inhwa' and 'People'. Especially, Doosan Coropration Mottrol values the culture of respecting each other in a family-like corporate atmosphere. The company runs Family Day every Wednesday to help its employees have balance in work and life.


  • Q. How can I apply to your company?
    Please visit our recruitment portal site, Career Doosan (https://career.doosan.com) in order to check for new employee/career employee recruitment announcements and to submit applications. We do not receive applications by mail and e-mail.

    Go to Career Doosan (Korean / Chinese only)
  • Q. What is the screening procedure?
    New employee recruitment procedure goes as follows: document review → DCAT → 1st interview (SI and DISE) → 2nd interview.
    Career employee recruitment procedure goes: document review → DCAT → 1st interview (SI and professional PT) → 2nd interview → 3rd interview.

    For more details, pls. visit Career Doosan (http://career.doosan.com), Doosan recruiting portal.

    Go to Career Doosan (Korean / Chinese only)
  • Q. Do you require an official foreign language test results for applicants?

    New employee applicants are required to submit English speaking test results and we accept the following speaking test results and the scores.

    TOEIC Speaking : over 130 points for humanities major; over 110 points for sciences and engineering major
    OPIc : Over the IM (Intermediate Mid) level for humanities major; over the IL(Intermediate Low) level for sciences and engineering major

    – Only the scores earned within the last two years are valid.
    – If you lived overseas for over two years to study, etc., you are qualified for application, even if you have not taken the above English tests (this eligibility excludes staying overseas for backpack trips, English training courses, etc.).

    For the experienced employee applications, if the job does not require foreign language proficiency, you can apply even if you don’t have the required English test scores.

  • Q. I currently live abroad. Can I apply?
    Yes, you can. However, if you pass the document review, you have to undergo DCAT and interviews.
  • Q. Does a job applicant related to national war veterans get favorable treatments?
    Yes, we give an advantageous treatment to such applicants according to the relevant law.
  • Q. I applied for your company in the past. Can I reapply?
    Yes, you can, even if you failed previously.
  • Q. When should I submit the required documents listed in the application form?
    Once you successfully pass the screening process, you are expected to submit the documents as you join the company. If the information provided turns out to be false, your successful application may be nullified.
  • Q. How will I be assigned to a certain team?
    We recruit applicants by area and assign them to various teams after they join our company. We try to assign successful applicants as much as possible to the teams that they want, after considering their needs. When allocating employees to various teams, we not only consider their individual requests, but also their aptitudes and majors. If you enter the company, you will have counseling for team assignment where you exert your capabilities the most.
  • Q. Are jobs different between Seoul and Changwon?
    Jobs do not necessarily differ according to locations of workplaces. Your work locations may differ according to the location of the Group’s affiliates that our company supports. Jobs are basically determined by the team to which you are assigned, not by your work location.

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Continued investment in R&D and the efforts of our researchers are what make the technology of Doosan Corporation Mottrol lead in the world.

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