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Cultivating People

Cultivating People

Basic Direction of Talent Training

Doosan believes that sustainable performance can only be made possible by the “Right People”. Therefore, the growth of our people takes top priority over all other motivations for investment. Each individual employee reflects deeply on how they can grow and exercise their abilities most effectively, while the company provides abundant opportunities for self-development to support their growth.

HR Development System

Doosan values leadership and professionalism equally.
Each member sets up a growth plan in accordance with his or her strengths and capabilities, and takes part in diverse training courses appropriate to their growth path.

Orientation Program, Anchor Program, Buildup Program

Doosan Leadership College

Doosan’s unique leadership course, developed with the Doosan Credo and Doosan people’s nature in mind, will strengthen job performance while enabling trainees to learn the Doosan Way by heart.

Orientation Program

– Build up the intrinsic characteristics required of Doosan people
– Realize role per position and strengthen job performance
– Capacity building course for new employees and orientation course for new employees with previous work experience

Anchor Program

– Promote positive changes based on self-awareness
– Improve job practices and problem solving ability
Insight Program

Buildup Program

– In-depth course for improving core capability as per individual training plan
– Human resource development empowerment (Comprehensive course, e-learning and reading communication programs)

Expert Program, Faculty Program, Global Program

Doosan Professional College

To strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of Doosan, the college course is designed to train experts in diverse fields. Trainees are shaped into experts to lead innovation on-site through systematic programs that deliver the knowledge and know-how required for each job.

Expert Program

– Reinforce job performance phase by phase

Faculty Program

– Train in-house instructors and facilitators for training courses
– In-house instructor training program

Global Program

– Train talents to perform global tasks
– English, Japanese, Chinese language courses
– Doosan Expert Course for sojourning employees

DLI-Yonkangwon Overview

Since 1977, the Doosan Leadership Institute (DLI) has been supporting the growth of the group with training programs and activities designed to nurture talent.

In 2005, the DLI was restructured with the express intent of creating an organization that would develop global leaders. It was renamed as DLI-Yonkangwon, incorporating the pen-name of the late Too Pyung Park, founder of the Doosan Group.

About 25,000 Doosan people from local and overseas sites visit DLI-Yonkangwon every year and ponder over solutions to pending problems. The DLI is a space for learning and growth that realizes and continuously develops Doosan’s philosophy of “People Are the Future”.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has emerged as a leading global components manufacturer by entering the Chinese market followed by markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging countries.



Continued investment in R&D and the efforts of our researchers are what make the technology of Doosan Corporation Mottrol lead in the world.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The quality management of Doosan Corporation Mottrol pursues customer satisfaction with best products and services, and takes safety and environmental preservation into consideration as a top priority.

Career Doosan

Career Doosan

Check the latest career opportunities and information about jobs at Doosan Corporation Mottrol at the ‘Career Doosan’ section.

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