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EHS Achievements

Save Resources & Preventing Pollution

Doosan Corporation Mottrol minimizes the environmental impact and improves the operating efficiency through the green management.

Improved Fuel Efficiency through Electronic Controls

Due to market demands for energy efficiency, environmental-friendliness, controllability and productivity, the world’s leading excavator manufacturers are increasing their production of excavators with electronically controlled hydraulic systems. In response, Doosan Corporation Mottrol has procured various electronic control technologies by developing the fuel efficiency analysis tool, the controller for pump horsepower control and an electronic regulator. In 2017, the company will complete the development of the HPM1) system, which is an electronic pump control system, for commercialization. With the HPM system in hand, the company is planning to enter the market for excavators equipped with electronically controlled hydraulics. By pursuing early product development efforts and conducting rigorous product evaluations, Doosan has successful developed an HPM system that can get rid of the flow rate loss needed for pump control and can minimize the pressure loss by increasing the controllability and response time of the pump. It is expected that fuel efficiency of this system could be improved by as much as 12~15%, compared to that of the NFC2).
1) HPM: High speed Power Matching
2) NFC: Negative Flow Control

Climate Change Response Strategy and System

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, widespread efforts are being made to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We control the greenhouse gases emitted by our facilities in accordance with the IPCC3) Guidelines and government guidelines, and disclose information related to greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to curtail them in our business report. We also submit statements on our greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and the related monitoring plans for verification by third parties each year. In 2016, we vigorously carried forward energy saving activities by each business group in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission volume. Doosan Corporation Mottrol has reduced energy consumption and costs replacing all 3,600 lightning lamps in the business group with LED lamps and improving the performance or equipment efficiency in 2016. We disclose our climate change response activities and CO2 emissions through our CSR reports, public disclosures, and the environmental information disclosure system.
3) IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change): An international consultative body organized under the UN to develop coordinated international action against climate change

Response to and Monitoring of New Environmental Regulations

As environmental issues have become increasingly significant, including worldwide environmental pollution, water shortages, natural disasters, and climate change, ever greater emphasis is being placed on the urgent need to address them. Furthermore, diverse stakeholders are demanding closer communication concerning the company’s green (environmental) activities. In this regard, we have deployed a green management system aimed at minimizing its impact on the environment. It proactively responds to government regulations and tendencies by steadily monitoring their trends and surveying their impact on local communities. Furthermore, it has conducted in-depth expert education to secure essential EHS capabilities and has internally reinforced EHS participatory activities.

Hazardous Chemical Management

We update our regulations and countermeasures by inventory each quarter by deploying an enterprise-wide inventory of chemical substances. We manage chemical substances by promoting organic cooperation among the Production, Purchase and Research Departments. Prior to the purchase of any new chemical substance, the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), certificate of chemical substances, and Letter of Confirmation (LOC) must be reviewed. In addition, we run periodic training courses on the safe handling of chemical substances, emergency actions to be taken in the event of exposure to chemical substances, and the wearing personal protective gear for all employees who are responsible for handling chemical substances at its business sites. Notably, in 2016, we conducted a special diagnosis together with experts to satisfy the further strengthened standards for facilities that handle hazardous chemicals. We plan to develop specific plants and complete our improvement by 2019, the deadline allowed under the statute.

Air Pollutant Management

We control the emission of air pollutants generated at our business sites to below 50% of the standards allowed under the current statutes, thereby reflecting our determination to reduce their impact on the environment by establishing standards that are actually stronger than those required under the statutes.

Water Usage and Effluents Management

We constantly check and improve our processes as part of our concerted effort to reduce water consumption. In 2016, Doosan Corporation Mottrol reduced its water consumption by switching the equipment it uses to cool the heat generated by the processes for testing the performance of newly developed products from the water-cooling to the air-cooling type. It also reduced unit water consumption from 7.8 m3/t in 2015 to 4.9 m3/t in 2016 by reusing water discharged after cooling by installing additional cooling towers. We limit the density of water pollutants in final effluents to below 50% of the standards allowed under the statutes.

Waste Management

To reduce the volume of discharged waste, we distinguish our waste by nature and state, and legitimately treat all waste through our ‘Allbaro System4)’. To legitimately treat waste products generated by diverse industrial processes, we periodically educate and evaluate the vendors responsible for treating wastes. Also, we are continuously making efforts to reduce the volume of waste discharged from our processes.
4) Allbaro System: An IT-based waste management system of the Korean government that controls the entire processes of waste management from discharge to transportation to final treatment.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has emerged as a leading global components manufacturer by entering the Chinese market followed by markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging countries.



Continued investment in R&D and the efforts of our researchers are what make the technology of Doosan Corporation Mottrol lead in the world.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The quality management of Doosan Corporation Mottrol pursues customer satisfaction with best products and services, and takes safety and environmental preservation into consideration as a top priority.

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