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Sharing (Participation activities of executives and employees)

Doosan Day of Community Service

Doosan Day of Community Service which is group wide volunteer day was held annually. All employees around world participated in various activities designed to help communities.

<Woori Doori>, Sports for Youth with Disabilities

Since 2016 we have operated the ‘Woori Doori’ the sports program, which is designed to enhance the physical strength and social skills of youths with disabilities in places where our worksites are located, including Seoul, Incheon, Iksan, and Changwon. Each month our employees and undergraduate volunteers participate in sports program to help youths with disabilities with playing Teeball* together. At the year’s end, an athletics meeting was held to allow them to experience the new game by competing in Teeball matches. The physical abilities of youths with disabilities were strengthened by playing Teeball games while the participant employees gained a new, more open perception of people with disabilities.
* Teeball is a team sport based on and simplifying baseball and softball.

Sending Tea with Love

We have forged sisterhood ties with the Baekdusan Unit of the ROK Army since 1991 and have carried out the ‘Sharing Tea with Love’ program. In 2016, we delivered 8,000 boxes of instant coffee and donations to boost morale of soldiers serving for our nation on the frontlines and to appreciate them for their commitment.

  • Production of supplies for facilities for single moms and their children(baby rattles, pillows, dolls, etc.)

  • <Woori Doori> Program

  • Sending Tea with Love

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