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Culture (Support for the Growth of Communities)

<Time Traveler>, Teenager Emotional Development Program

Launched in 2012, <Time Traveler> is a program designed to help teenagers from low income families develop their own worldview and ways of communicating with the wider world by providing courses on photography theory and humanities as well as photo-taking trips. In 2016, a total of 335 teenagers participated in the program, including education at an open studio for newly elected students, advanced education for existing students and general education for teenagers. The students who participated in the program put together an exhibition consisting of 300 photos and essays on the theme of ‘You, me and Us’ after completing the education courses. According to the outcome of the Time Traveler Program, it appears that the participants increased 15%, 13%, 14% and 9% in the area of self-respect, empathy, ability to express feeling, and social skills respectively.

Meeting between Business and Art

Since 2014, we have joined the ‘Art & Business Collaboration’ project led by the Korea Mecenat Association and have supported Seoul Tutti Ensemble making effort to broaden the base for classical music. In 2016, we held a ‘Healing Concert’ for youths with disabilities and teachers who cannot afford to attend cultural or art performances. In addition, the ‘Youth Start’ mentoring program between scholarship students and employees included the ‘Art Friends’ cultural performance program.

  • Time Traveler Exhibition

  • Arts & Business Collaboration

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