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Culture (Support for the Growth of Communities)

<Doosan Time Traveler>, Teenager Emotional Development Program

‘Doosan Time Traveler’ represents our flagship CCI (Corporate Community Involvement) program that helps a selected group of teenagers from less-privileged families develop their own worldview and ways of communicating with the wider world:
photographers Bae Byeong-Woo and Kim Jung-Man, professors Shin Byeong-Ju, Ahn Dae-Heo, Yang Byeong-Yi, and choreographer Ahn Eun Me serve as advisors and lecturers to provide courses on photography theory and humanities as well as photo-taking trips.
Over the past three years since its launching in 2012, this program was recognized for its contribution in bringing positive changes to participating teenagers, and was selected as the <Exemplary Contribution to People’s Happiness> by the Korean Presidential House and Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and as the <Outstanding Sponsor of Culture and Arts> by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. To ensure that this program benefits even more teenagers building on its previous achievements, we built the Open Studio dedicated to this program in Seongsu-dong, Seoul in 2015, and increased the number of beneficiaries by creating general/advanced courses in addition to existing courses for a selected group of teenagers.

<The Mécénat Arts & Business Collaboration> to Support the Promotion of Culture

Since 2014, we have joined the ‘Art & Business Collaboration’ project led by the Korea Mecenat Association to sponsor competent arts organizations as a way to broaden the base for classical music. We also forged ties with Seoul Tutti Ensemble, an orchestra with 26-year history, and we jointly hosted the ‘One Heart Music Concert’ in 2015 by inviting our employees and their families from locations where there is less opportunity to enjoy cultural experience as well as children from local childcare centers and those working in senior welfare centers. We also hosted the ‘Arts Friends’ event through the Korea Mecenat Association to allow children from local childcare centers to attend cultural performances.

Supporting Culture and Arts Education Programs for Local Childcare Centers

Doosan Corporation Mottrol sponsored culture and arts education for children at Eunseong Child Care Center with whom it forged sisterhood ties with, and hosted a year-end talent show for children to showcase what they have learned by playing the ukulele and creating handcraft works.

Inauguration of the Time Traveler Open Studio

Inauguration of the
<Time Traveler> Open Studio

One Heart Music Concert

One Heart Music Concert

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