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Education (Educational Support for Future Generations)

<Youth Start!>

Under the ‘Youth Start!’ Program, the funds provided scholarships totaling KRW 0.1 billion to 27 students from low-income bracket to enable them to continue with their university education. Employees steadily help them to grow through diverse volunteer activities and communication, including book reading mentoring, while personally participating in the selection of scholarship recipients. Seoul City Government evaluated the program very highly and selected Doosan Corporation, as an example of outstanding Public-private cooperation entity. Doosan Corp. was awarded the commendation from Seoul City Government last year.

<Mom’s Future>

The ‘Mom’s Future’ program, which is designed to assist single moms to become self-sufficient, provided 32 single moms with education subsidies to help them obtain the qualifications required to start a business or find a job, or to take national public official exam. In addition, the program also provided them with psychological testing, personal counseling, and psychotherapy to help them enhance their self-respect and confidence as they suffer from social prejudice and financial difficulties.

  • Mentoring of ‘Youth Start!’ Program

  • Transferring donations to the <Mom’s Future>

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