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Education (Educational Support for Future Generations)

<Youth Growth Scholarship Program> and <Single Mom’s Independence Support Program>, Funding Projects to Let Beneficiaries Dream Their Dream

Since 2013, we have been operating funding projects through the matching grant method, where the company makes the same amount of donations to match those made by employees. The Funding Committee that consists of our employees is responsible for selecting and operating funding projects.

The <Youth Growth Scholarship Project> provides scholarships to teenagers from vulnerable families so that they do not give up on their education due to financial difficulties. In 2015, this project donated KRW 120 million in scholarships to nearly 30 undergraduate students. The <Single Mom’s Independence Support Project> assists single moms in becoming self-reliant. In 2015, this project enabled 31 single moms to set and act against plans to ensure their independence, and most of these beneficiaries reached their set target.

Over the past three years, some of the beneficiaries of the <Youth Growth Scholarship Program> were chosen for student exchange programs or honored with awards at barista contests. Some of the single moms that we supported achieved such accomplishments as passing the national public official exam, continuing with their education, or landing a job. We will continue to help these challenged individuals grow and become self-reliant and to encourage beneficiaries to give back to society, thereby creating a virtuous cycle through our CCI (Corporate Community Involvement) programs.

Transferring donations to the Single Mom’s Independence Support Program

Transferring donations to the<Single Mom’s Independence Support Program>

청춘 Start! 장학사업 북멘토링 행사

Book mentoring event held as part of the<Youth Growth Scholarship Program>

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