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Defense Systems

Doosan Corporation Mottrol is developing and supplying hydraulic devices, electronic hydraulic systems and electric driving mechanism for various weapon system.

Mobility & Fire

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has been contributing to national defense for 30 years by developing and supplying electro-hydraulic systems, and drive system used in various weapon systems.

Defence Weapon

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has been developing hydraulic systems for defense weapons that will be the core equipment in future wars. The equipment is proven in its performance required by the Army.

Naval Weapon

Short-distance tracking radar servo system, terminal antenna pedestal device for surface ship, and sonar device are being developed and produced based on stabilization for ground weapon and electro-hydraulic system technologies.

Aerospace Weapon

Based on 30-year accumulated experiences of hydraulic technology, Doosan Corporation Mottrol has developed hydraulic pump for helicopters and has a key role to play in Korea’s aerospace industry

Future Weapon

Doosan Corporation Mottrol participates as a joint researcher in the development of multi-purpose, quadruped legged robot technology and plays a key role in developing variable suspensions and wheel drives for future platforms. It also is contributing to the development of direct-acting high-density electric drive system to enhance the performance of stabilization/tracking system for cutting-edge weapons that demand high precision control.

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