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Hydraulic Components

A core part for industrial and agricultural machines, which is being recognized as a world's top product with excellent quality.

Travel Device

Doosan Corporation Mottrol’s TM, GM, and DM series, 2-speed travel motors with a built-in gear reducer, provide powerful output torque, excellent controllability and high reliability.

Swing Device

The T3X, TSM, and DSM series that incorporate various functions (high-pressure relief valve, make-up valve, swing reactionless valve, etc.) ensure high performance and fatigueless operation.

Hydraulic Pump

Environment-friendlily hydraulic pumps earn indiscriminate praise by users for its low-noise, high-efficiency load-carrying ability.

Hydraulic Valve

The MCV, Joystick Valve and Pedal Valve provide minimized pressure loss and enhanced precise controllability through advanced main and pilot flow path design.


With superior performance and quality, Doosan Corporation Mottrol’s hydraulic components are playing core roles in various construction equipments, industrial equipments, and agricultural equipments.

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