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About Us

Doosan Corporation Mottrol, a pioneer of Korean hydraulic business, has been developing and producing hydraulic components for construction equipments and defense systems.


Doosan Corporation Mottrol aims to continue to make a leap forward as a global components manufacturer through continued creative innovation.


Doosan Corporation Mottrol aims to grow as a global components manufacturer that seeks the best value through continued creative innovation based on world-class technology and cost competitiveness and the experiences in hydraulic components and systems accumulated for over 30 years.


Doosan Corporation Mottrol, the first to adopt hydraulic components as the major business item in Korea, has led the hydraulic business in Korea by expanding its business area through continued development in technology, and is now advancing the vision of becoming a leading global components manufacturer.

China Subsidiary

Doosan Mottrol Jiangyin Co., Ltd., an overseas subsidiary in China, is establishing its presence based on the accumulated technology and the world-class production system to secure the competitiveness.

Global Performance

Doosan Corporation Mottrol is emerging as a leading global components manufacturer by entering the Chinese market followed by markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging countries.

Quality Management

The quality management system has led Doosan Corporation Mottrol to grow as it is today by satisfying its customers with world-class quality and service, and has initiated a vision for the future by positioning itself as the leading supplier of environment-friendly products.


Doosan’s CI provides guidelines for each element of the Doosan Visual System including the logo. Through the CI, Doosan’s image as a company that enriches the lives of people all around the world is made apparent.

Our Belief

The Doosan Way is our philosophy for the next 100 years of growth. It is the spirit flowing through our people.

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