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About DMJC

Ahout DMJC (Doosan Mottrol Jiangyin)

About Jiangyin City / Port Economic Development Zone

About Jiangyin City / Port Economic Development Zone

Jiangyin City

The ancient name of Jiangyin is Liyang, one of the cultural birthplaces of Wu dynasty.
It is the first port city located in the upper reaches of Yangtze River in Shanghai and a transportation hub of Yangtze River Delta. The city has a good geological condition as it is located in the downstream plain of Yangtze River.
  • Area of ​​Jurisdiction 988 ㎢, Population 1.2 million

Key Economic Indicators

  • GDP US$36.8 billion, GDP per Capita US$30,692
  • Total industrial output value US$101.4 billion, Revenue US$7.1 billion
  • Foreign investment scale US$780 million, Largest foreign investment in consultation US$1.2 billion

Port Economic Development Zone

The economic development zone was established in 2006 in the west side of Jiangyin city with the population of over 200,000 and the area of 188㎢.

Competitive Port : Plan to build 23 million-ton docks

  • Currently has 7 million-ton docks and 18 5,000-ton inner-port docks
  • Ranked as a top fourth inland port for 2010 port traffic in China

Bonded Logistics Center Construction Plan

  • Total area 1.2 ㎢, Phase 1 storage construction area 53,000 ㎡

Major industries / companies in Port Economic Development Zone

  • Process equipment: Doosan, Ryu-Gong, Ssang-Ryang
  • Precision machinery: Dongyang Mechatronics, Shin Il Slewing Ring
  • New energy: Won-Gyeon, Jun-Heum, Ssang-Ryang, Denmark LM
  • Typical composite materials: Xinyueguangbang, GS Caltex, Kundo Electronics
  • New materials chemical industry: HanbangshihuaPTA, Hailunshihua, Lidahuagong
  • Port logistics: Zhongxintaifu, Zhongjinzaisheng, Huadongbenbu

Plant Overview

Plant Overview

(unit : ㎡)

Phase Type GFA Site Area
1st ① Plant 15,000 15,000
② Office 3,300 1,100
③ Cafeteria 510 510
④ Annex 740 740
⑤ Security 200 200
  Sub Total 19,750 17,550
2nd ⑥ Plant 15,000 15,000
  Total 34,750 32,750
  • Land : 66,000㎡ (20,000 pyeong)
  • GFA : 34,750㎡ (10,530 pyeong)

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