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    Doosan Corporation Mottrol is a hydraulic components manufacturer with talent-centric business philosophy.

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    The leader in the hydraulic industry, is now growing as a global components manufacturer with a multi-technology portfolio.

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    As a core part for industrial and agricultural machines, the suspension unit is being recognized as a world's top product with excellent quality.

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    Doosan Corporation Mottrol is developing and supplying hydraulic devices, electronic hydraulic systems and electric driving mechanism.

  • Travel device Travel Device

    TM, GM and DM series models have 2-speed travel motor (built-in speed reducer) and boasts excellent controlability and high reliability.

  • Hydraulic pump Hydraulic Pump

    Environment-friendlily hydraulic pumps earn indiscriminate praise for their low-noise, high-efficiency load-carrying ability.

  • Swing device Swing Device

    T3X, TSM and DSM series models are equipped with relief valve and swing reactionless valve that have highly-effective anti-shock feature.

  • Hydraulic valve Hydraulic Valve

    Optimized design of complicated main & pilot flow contained in the casing minimizes pressure loss and ensures precision control.

  • Hydropneumatic suspension unit Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension

    Minimizes shock from the ground using the attenuation characteristics of damper and the nonlinear spring characteristics of N2 gas.

Business Area

Hydraulic Components Hydraulic Components

Doosan Corporation Mottrol’s hydraulic components, a key part of heavy construction equipment and industrial and agricultural machinery, have been recognized as world-class products with excellent quality and performance.

Defense Systems Defense Systems

Doosan Corporation Mottrol plays a vital role in modernizing military equipment and is reinforcing military power by developing and supplying electro-hydraulic systems and electric driving mechanism that are applied to various weapon systems.

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