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Manufacturing Process

Doosan Corporation Mottrol's superior products come from our advanced manufacturing processes. Get a full view of the entire manufacturing process from the incoming to delivery stages.

  1. Warehousing/Processing Warehousing/
  2. Washing Washing
  3. Assembly Assembly
  4. Performance Performance
  5. Coating Coating
  6. Coating Shipping


Warehousing/Processing Warehousing/Processing

The core equipment of the process line is the machining center which processes the cylinder blocks and valve casing which are the key parts of hydraulic devices. In addition, the piston process line with automated loading and unloading system, lapping line and honing line for precise finishing are producing the parts for the Rotary Part which is the core of hydraulic system.


Washing Washing

To maximize the cleanliness which determines the performance of hydraulic devices, various types of high pressure washers, robot washers, tunnel washer, and NC washers are cleaning various hydraulic parts according to their shapes and characteristics. Contamination is monitored and controlled continuously to achieve highest degree of cleanliness.


Assembly Assembly

The hydraulic device assembly lines, for travel motor, pump, and swing motor assembly, has been newly laid-out recently. The travel motor assembly line is configured in Station Type where the parts are assembled into finished assemblies on flow-line system. Most of the lines are automated or semi-automated to improve quality and productivity.


Performance Performance

All and every hydraulic device products are tested and inspected to satisfy the performance and specifications required by customers. For the performance tests, automated test stands customized for the specific products are used to test the performances and various characteristics of the hydraulic devices.


Coating Coating

The coasting line is semi-automated. The line consists of washing, masking, coating and drying processes which are connected in a flow-line system. The line capacity is 15,000 units/month. Complete coating quality inspection is performed with various testing equipments.


Shipping Shipping

The product completed with coating are packed on the pallets specified in accordance with the customer’s requirements and shipped.

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