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Defense Systems

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has developed hydro-pneumatic suspension systems for K9, K55, K21 and other combat vehicles, gun/turret stabilizer for K1 and K1A1, electric gun/turret drive for K2, satellite antenna for ships, and stabilizer for short range tracking radar. The servo valve developed through industry-academic cooperation has become a core part for guns and turret stabilizer and fuel controller.

  • Suspension System Suspension System

    Suspension System

    Doosan Corporation Mottrol is developing various hydro-pneumatic suspensions for combat vehicles. The suspension developed jointly with ADD is used in K21 infanty combat armored vehicle for the first time in the world. In addition to the variable suspension for defense robot, active electric-mechanical suspension is under development.

  • Servo Valve Servo Valve

    Servo Valve

    Doosan Corporation Mottrol has developed and commercialized nozzle-flapper type servo valve through industry-academic cooperation for the first time in Korea. Servo valve models with various capacity are being develped to be used in drive system of guided weapons, gun/turret stabilizer, and fuel regulators.

  • Core Components of Hydraulic Drive System Core Components of Hydraulic Drive System

    Core Components of Hydraulic Drive System

    Hydraulic servo motor firstly developed in Korea contributes to precise fire for army’s strategic operations while hydraulic pumps for aircrafts have been successfully localized. Doosan Corporation Mottrol provides a total solution for hydraulic system and core parts by developing hydraulic motor, pump, support jack and generator.

  • Core Components of Electric Drive System Core Components of Electric Drive System

    Core Components of Electric Drive System

    Doosan Corporation Mottrol has developed large-scale high-density electric drive systems for gun/turret, enhanced precision, facilitating maintenance/repair and contributing to improvement of the army force. The company has also developed electric drive and stabilization device for satellite antenna of ship and short-distance tracking radar, improving the stabilization of communication and tracking precision of antiship/ antiaircraft targeting and making a great contribution to navy’s military strength. Moreover, the stabilization of shooting and tracking in high-speed travel has been enhanced and the development of direct-acting drive system has been reinforced.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan Corporation Mottrol has emerged as a leading global components manufacturer by entering the Chinese market followed by markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging countries.



Continued investment in R&D and the efforts of our researchers are what make the technology of Doosan Corporation Mottrol lead in the world.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The quality management of Doosan Corporation Mottrol pursues customer satisfaction with best products and services, and takes safety and environmental preservation into consideration as a top priority.

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